How Do Email Task Reminders Work?

You know what's a real pain? Remembering to follow up on your most important emails.

Fear no more, the "followup" problem has finally been solved!

We decided to take all of your follow up reminders, and bubble them up in a neat and clean way in three key places:

First, you'll now be able to see your followup tasks right from your ToutApp Live Feed. 

Second and Thirdly, you'll also be able to get a nicely organized list of people and emails you need to follow up with from the Conversations and Relationships tab on

To Create a Task:

 1. First compose an email in, Gmail or Outlook and select the "Create Task" button:

2. Determine the day you'd like to be reminded to do an action, make a note for yourself and select the "Schedule Task" button, in blue:

3. Be sure to Tout your email!

4. Your tasks will show up in the Live Feed.

5. If you're using Gmail - your tasks will show up above your inbox on the day that the reminder is due.

6. You can see a task created in real-time, here.

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