How View Tracking Works

We track email opens by placing an invisible image inside the emails you send.

If someone responded to your email but ToutApp is not saying it was viewed, then they have not enabled images within their email client

Some tips for getting better tracking stats on your emails:

1. Include an image in your emails, like a logo, so that your recipient is encouraged to enable images to see your message.

2. Include a link as a call to action in your message.

3. Set up our site tracking feature so that you can independently see when someone you've emailed with visits your website.

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    Jesse Spiegel

    How can I mark/update those emails that have been replied to but that tout does not recognize as having been replied to manually as opened/viewed and/or replied to so that when I do advanced searches for people who have not replied they are not populated in that list. I dont want to accidently send them an email that follows up supposing I hadnt heard back from them if I have.

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