What Happens When A Prospect Unsubscribes From My Email?

 When a recipient clicks on this unsubscribe link, a few things will happen:

  • This recipient will be removed from the CURRENT group that they are in and moved into the “Unsubscribed Contacts” group on the Relationships page.
  •  A note will also be added to their Tout contact details that they requested to be unsubscribed
  • A note will also be made in their Salesforce page that they "opted out of the email".

Note: If a contact is a part of more than one group in Tout, we will only remove this contact from the group you sent this email to.

To completely remove this contact from Tout, you will have to head into the "Everyone" tab on the Relationships page to remove this contact from tout completely. 

An easy way to search if a contact is a part of more than one group is to set your columns bar on the Relationships page to "Groups" (see below)


Once this is in place, you can easily see how many groups a recipient belongs to and remove them from all groups.



You can read more about how to add an unsubscribe link to your email here.

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