I Am Not Seeing The “Tout Outbox” In My Salesforce Toolbar. Why?

If you are NOT seeing the "Tout Outbox" OR the "Email with Tout" button in your lead view, here's what to do:
Check with your Salesforce admin to make sure that they have added these options for you and your team.
If you are still not seeing the buttons, please contact us at team@toutapp.com.
If you ARE seeing the "Email with Tout" button BUT NOT the "Tout Outbox" button, here's what to do:
(1)  In your Salesforce toolbar, click the "+" icon and then the "Customize My Tabs" button
(2) Next, select "Tout Outbox" from your “Available Tabs”, and use the “Add” arrow to move the Tout Outbox into “Selected Tabs
(3) The “Tout Outbox” will now appear in your Salesforce toolbar.
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