I'm Not Seeing ToutApp Inside Of My Outlook

Have you restarted Outlook since downloading the extension? If not, close Outlook and re-open.

What version of Outlook are you using? We're compatible with 2007 to 2016 on PCs.

A couple of other things to try here:

(1) First, close Outlook

(2) Then, open your Start menu and search for ToutApp

(3) Once you've selected it, you'll have to hit two buttons

  • First, click "unregister"
  • Then, click "register"
  • If this reports 'Success', then go ahead and start Outlook



Last thing to check here if ToutApp is still not appearing inside of your Outlook is go to File>Manage Add-ins>Add ToutApp to the "always enable" list.

If you are still not seeing ToutApp inside of Outlook, please submit a ticket here and our Happiness team will reach out to your shortly!

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