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 Tout’s dynamic fields are our form of mail merge.

We allow you to personalize your email templates with predefined attributes like {{first_name}} or {{company}}. These fields allow you to email multiple contacts and auto-complete these fields without having to type them out separately for each contact.

To add a dynamic field to a template, open the template editor and click Tout Dynamic Fields in the toolbar.

When emailing contacts who exist in Tout, you can use the basic dynamic fields. These will pull directly from the contact if they exist in

If you're emailing contacts who exist in Salesforce, you can take advantage of the Salesforce dynamic fields. These all begin with "sfdc." As long as you have a connection to Salesforce, these fields will call directly to the lead/contact in Salesforce to populate the information in the template.

Once you add the dynamic fields, it might look something like this:

When I send an email to, for example, Albus Dumbledore, it will look like this:

Learn more about how to use dynamic fields.

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