How Can I Create My Own Dynamic Fields?

We call these custom fields, and there are two ways to create them:

NOTE: After you have created your custom field it can take around 30 minutes for the field to appear in the dynamic field dropdown in your template editor. 

(1) Saving custom fields for one or a few contacts: 

(a) Click the name of a contact in Relationships page

(b) Then, choose the down button next to "Unsubscribe" and then hit "Edit"

(c) Scroll down to the bottom of the edit page. You can then create a name      and value for your field.


(d) Hit Save

(2) Saving custom fields for many contacts: 

(a) Create a CSV spreadsheet with your custom fields in their own column.

(b) Follow the normal CSV upload process, stopping on our field mapping screen.

(c) Instead of one of our preset fields, choose Add a new Custom Field from the dropdown.

(d) Enter your desired field name and hit Ok


(e) Finish uploading your CSV. Your contacts will come through with the added custom field.

Now.... how to use your custom fields in a template:

Once your custom fields have been stored using the above methods, you'll be able to reference them in your templates.

(1) Create a template and click the Dynamic Fields button like you normally would.

(2) Select "Custom Fields" from the dropdown that appears



(3) You'll see your pre-stored custom fields and be able to select one to fill out in your template. Done!

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    Jessica Erven

    My custom field isn't loading in the drop-down menu of templates even though it is showing up in my groups as an active custom field that was uploaded---thoughts on how to fix?

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    Hey Jessica - would definitely be happy to look into this more in depth with you! I have submitted a ticket on your behalf and will reach out there with additional assistance.

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    James Barger

    I'm seeing the same issue that Jessica was seeing seven months ago. Was there any resolution or update on this?

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