Where Can I See My Team's Email Engagement?

1) Navigate to the Analytics page

2) Click into the Team button and filter by the desired date range

3) From here, you can see the total view rate of your team's emails, as well as the number of emails sent broken down by those sent with a templatepeak engagement time and registered tracked events (views, clicks, and replies), and number of deals closed and days left in the month.

Note: This peak engagement time is originally based on UTC time and will pull slightly from 'yesterday' at the beginning of the work day and will adjust and update to your timezone by midday.


When you scroll down, you'll see the Rep Leaderboard where you can see and sort by the total ranked number of:

  • emails
  • unique people emailed
  • emails sent using a Tout template
  • views tracked
  • clicks tracked
  • replies tracked

To see how the rest of your team is doing, you can page thru the Leaderboard!

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