How To Map Over Contacts via CSV file (Including Custom Fields)

When you select Import from CSV , you will have to upload this CSV file from your computer and be taken to our “mapping” page. Here you will want to make sure that you correctly map over all information in this file. Below is an example of what this mapping field looks like. 

If you are importing a file that has custom columns (ex: Renewal date), you will want to select add a new custom field. Here will want to create the name of this custom field and select "import".

This custom field will appear if you double click into a contact in this group and you can pull in this custom field into any of your ToutApp templates. 

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    Jesse Spiegel

    Yeah but how can I choose those custom fields so I can see them when viewing a group list in tout? I want to be able to organize my lsit by this custom fields in tout. Is that possible. It seems obvious that this would be a desirable capability. Furthermore if its not your lack of addressing it is quite frustrating. The above should say, this is not possible. Please let me know. Also can I change a column heading once the import is complete. What I am thinking is I will correlate my custom field with a heading option you provide so I can get to work now, but then I would want to change the heading later.

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