Recommended Templates

ToutApp’s Recommended Templates help you get the right messaging while saving you time in the process. This gives you greater flow when sending emails and reduces uncertainty when trying to find the right email for the right person. To get started, go to your Templates tab. Select a template, then click Edit in the Recommended Template box.

To enable the Recommended Template functionality on your template, check the Make a Recommended Template box.


All vs. Any

Now it’s time to select your criteria settings. Select All if you'd like your template to be recommended only when all of the criteria are met. Select Any if you'd like your template to be recommended when any one of the criteria is met.

Setting Criteria

Your criteria define the conditions under which templates are recommended. You can set a maximum of three pieces of criteria. These consist of a dynamic field, a condition, and a value.

After selecting a dynamic field, you'll want to select your conditions. When the conditions for your dynamic fields are met, the template is automatically recommended.

You can choose from four different conditions:

  • Matches: Value must be an exact match (e.g., ToutApp equals ToutApp)
  • Does Not Match: Value must be anything but an exact match (e.g., Toutapp does not equal Tout)
  • Contains: Only needs to contain the value (e.g., ToutApp Rocks! contains Toutapp)
  • Does Not Contain: Value must not be in the dynamic field (e.g., Toutapp Rocks! does not contain Awesome) 

In the example shown above, if any of the two criteria are met (i.e., Company matches Hogwarts or Title Contains Headmaster) the template will be recommended. 

What a Recommended Template Looks Like

Now that your criteria are set, go ahead and save the template. From here, ToutApp will work its magic to surface the best templates for you. The text in blue shows which criterion was met to recommend this template.

Now that you've mapped out your first template, it’s time to map out the rest. Go through your most successful templates and recommend them. Don’t forget to share these templates with your team as well. Your recommended settings for any templates will also be shared among your teammates.

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