How Do I Remove Tout From My Personal Gmail?

Do you want ToutApp only in your work Gmail account and not your personal Gmail account?

You will be able to remove ToutApp from your personal Gmail account by:

1. Logging out of both your Gmail accounts and your

2. Log back into your work Gmail account. A blue toolbar should appear asking you to log into You will want to do so.

When you log back into your personal Gmail, this blue toolbar will also appear.
You will simply have to "x" out of this toolbar to confirm that you would not like ToutApp in your personal Gmail. 

 *Note*: This will not permanently remove the extension from your personal gmail account.  The extension is supported through Chrome and that sits on top of your email and doesn't discriminate if it's personal or work.

Our best recommendation is to create different Chrome identities for your personal and work gmail accounts, or use an incognito window for you personal gmail.

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