Install Email Tracking in Salesforce (Enterprise)

ToutApp allows you to update your logged emails when there this an event tracked on them. This is done through the API integration we setup with your ToutApp account on the [CRM Settings page]( 

To get your events to show up under the activity history you will want to partner with your salesforce Admin to install the proper fields. 

1. Click Setup

2. Click Customize

3. Click Leads 

4. Page Layouts

5. Click Edit on the Page Layout you want to install these fields on

6. Scroll down to the Activity History Section

7. Click on the wrench icon

8. Select the "Tout" fields you would like to include in your activity history. It could have to do with engagement such as views and clicks or it could be details about the email such as template or campaign. 

9. Click Add to move the fields over into the selected fields section. Salesforce allows a max of 10 fields here.

10. Click Ok

11. Click Save to save changes

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