Why am I getting an Unexpected Error in Gmail?

If you are receiving an "Unexpected Error" in Gmail when trying to Tout an email, you will just need to update a few things and restart your chrome browser. Complete all the steps in this article and if you are still having issues let us know and a support officer will reach out as soon as possible :)


Check for ToutApp Extension Updates

1) Click on the Chrome Menu in the top right corner.

2) Select More Tools

3) Select Extensions

4) Click the checkbox next to Developer mode

5)  Update extensions now


Check for Chrome Browser Updates

1) Click on the Chrome Menu in the top right corner.

2) Select Help

3) Select About Google Chrome

4) Here the Version number will be displayed and the option to update Chrome is updates are available. 

NOTE: If you see a relaunch button available it means that you will need to restart chrome for the updates to kick in. Go ahead and click this and you should see Gmail working for you on relaunch

Make Sure You Are Connected to Gmail and ToutApp.com

If your Gmail connection is broken you will have recieved an email from us letting you know how to connect. Click on the link in the email and connect ToutApp to your Gmail account. 

You may also need to sign into ToutApp.com. Once signed in go back to Gmail and try sending the email again. 

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